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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tofu Take Two Tuesday

I'm sure you remember every detail of my previous battle with tofu.

If you've learned anything about me through this tiny little outlet, you've learned that I don't take my battles with unknown food lightly.  And, occasionally the food wins.

i.e.  Garlic

The verdict is still out on the onion.

Tuesday night we had a fellow vegetarian over for dinner (yes, we've had a lot of company lately).  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try my hand at tofu again.

Tofu Tacos

1 block tofu (I got extra firm this time)
2 tbsp taco sauce or salsa
1 tsp jerk seasoning

Taco Fixin's

Basically I used my MISTO can to oil up the pan, and then fried up chunks of the tofu, adding in the taco sauce and seasoning.

Here it is.

The verdict?  Well, I'm still not so sure.  It kind of had a scrambled egg consistency.  Clearly my challenge with tofu is not over.


Besides recipes what addition would you love to see on my blog?  Restaurant reviews? A cupcake section?  Home organization tips (haha)?  I have too many ideas on how to expand this and would love your tips!

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  1. There are two keys to frying tofu: 1, getting the excess water of out it before you fry it by squeezing it in a towel. 2, using REALLY hot oil (peanut). But you've inspired me to try my hand at tofu tacos!