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Monday, February 7, 2011

Visitor Volumes: Part One

In an effort to truly "grow" as a blogger.  I am starting a series.  While brunch-ing with my parental units, husband, and aunt last week they suggested we take a picture of everyone who comes to visit the the kitchen.  Because, it has become a bit of a landmark.


First in this series is my Mom, Dad, and my Auntie Anna (who is in fact standing on our step stool).

Want to be featured on Visitor Volumes?  You could be part two, yes...YOU!  Come on over!  But, call first.


  1. Love the pic! Don't you think parker should be your next visitor??

  2. whow! Now I get a real pix of how small your kitchen really is!!!!

  3. I definitely think Parker should be next! I may even clean first :)