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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twisted Tuesday

Matthew got wind that my mom served up pancakes for dinner earlier this week.  Ever since, he has been pining for "breakfast for dinner".   I found this weight watchers recipe, and was pretty excited to pull it out of the oven and serve it up to my husband.

Alas, by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, I had come down with a nasty bug and had a sore throat and no voice to speak of.  I came home to a husband who surprised me with food magazines, and by following the recipe in detail to "give me the night off".  He diligently scurried around the kitchen, dish towel slung over his shoulder, occasionally calling out questions.  It was actually pretty cute.

We were able to use up the rest of my Honey Wheat Bread to make this recipe.

The best part about this? It was actually more like "dessert for dinner".  It tasted like apple crisp.  AND it was a low fat recipe, so I could in good conscience say I was having apple crisp for dinner.  Who doesn't want to say that?