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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scandinavian Saturday

Matthew had been planning for some time to have our resident "Scandinavian-everything expert", Sandy, teach us to make lefse.  Thanksgiving break seemed the perfect time to try out our fancy new lefse-making wares.  We prepped for Friday, preparing our grill, and preparing to fill the house with even MORE lefse, if that's possible.

Then Friday came.  Apparently "proper" lefse-making can be a two day process.  8 potatoes through a food mill and some butter, sugar, and cream later, we basically had sugared mashed potatoes.  So we anxiously awaited Saturday.

Saturday did not disappoint.  Sandy patiently taught me the correct rolling technique, and taught Matthew the correct flipping technique.  Easy right?

Wrong.  3 hours later I was still rolling my way through 8 potatoes-worth of lefse.  Matthew had disappeared to another room and my trusty pie-helping sister Grace was on flipping duty.  Remember her?  She's so sweet.  Regardless of the back pain it caused, our expectations were met.  We had have a large quantity of DELICIOUS lefse.  The delicious part I mostly owe to Sandy, but the shape and oh-so desired thinness of the lefse?  That was all me.  I'm pretty darn good at it if I must say so.  Must be my Norwegian blood!

Californians beware: there is lefse in your future.

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