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Friday, November 12, 2010

Full Fridge Friday (or, the pork post)

In case you didn't figure it out: Wordless Wednesday's meal was pulled pork and mashed sweet potatoes.  The pulled pork was a Weight Watchers recipe, which I doctored to include Diet Coke instead of Diet Root Beer.  Two reasons:

1) We have an endless, Costco-sized, supply of Diet Coke around here.

2) I dislike root beer...yes, yes, I know, I am un-American.

Anyway, it was great.  Matthew wandered in and out of the kitchen all day muttering, "mmmm...pork...".

The problem here?  I tend to ignore how many servings a recipe may make.  For instance, this pork could easily feed 8 people.  So. Much. Pulled. Pork.  Since I was feeling a tad better today, I spent most of the day pondering what I could do with said pork. I couldn't in good conscience make something completely new with ALL that pork in the refrigerator.  Pulled pork quesadillas?  Pulled pork pizza? Nah, I did that last night.  Pulled pork on your cereal Matthew? Pulled pork risotto?

I put a little Latin twist on it, and made my own version of carnitas.  Refried beans, tortilla, sour cream, cheese, taco sauce, and, you guessed it, pulled pork.  Can you say easy?

I did my own part in clearing out the freezer, and had a left-over black bean burger, a piece of homemade bread, and a honey crisp apple. Mmmmm.

Please excuse the paper plates.  I usually make more of a fuss over my photo presentation, but, Matthew was headed out the door to an all-night lock-out with a vanful of middle schoolers (fun, huh?), and I was busy hacking up a lung.

With a potential snowstorm looming, I'm going to spend my husbandless Friday evening researching Christmasy recipes.  Remember to wash your hands, and get your shovels ready Minnesotans!

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