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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Takin' it back Tuesday

Well folks, after a decidedly "off" day yesterday.  I have returned.  My wit, my cooking skills, my charming spunk.  All have graced me (and you) with their presence again.  After yesterday's flop, and because Matthew has a singing engagement this evening, and because I want to head to the couch, curl up with my tea, and watch election results (or Grey's Anatomy reruns), I needed something easy-ish for dinner.  Holy run-on sentence Batman!

In reverence to my favorite Morningstar vegetarian burger, and my all-time favorite from The Good Earth, I have been wanting to make a vegetarian burger of my own for some time.

Untitled Vegetarian Burger

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup whole kernel corn
2 carrots, peeled
2 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp fajita seasoning
1 tbsp olive oil

Basically I dumped it all in a bowl.  There was nothing pretty about.

Funny textures weird me out, so I took a deep breath and dug in with my hands.   I heat some oil in a pan, and placed the mushy patty in the pan.

Each burger only took a minute or two on each side.  The burgers were pretty delicate, so I perfected a very skilled two-spatula technique for extracting said burgers from the pan.  Despite my low confidence due to last night's flop, they were actually pretty tasty.  Though definitely not round.  Oh well, geometry has never been my thing.

But, the fun didn't stop here.  Every burger needs a side.  After a glance in our fridge, I realized we had an excess of broccoli.  And what better thing to do with broccoli than roast it? Remember?  So friends, I made a calculated, labored decision.  A decision you may not be prepared for.  I purchased, of my own free will, some MORE garlic.

I will give you a moment to collect yourselves.  I blame the festive packaging.  Stupid Trader Joe's and their good advertising.  Of course, the broccoli was amazing.

Lest you think everything is perfect here in The World's Smallest Kitchen, I leave you with one picture of two burns on my arm.  The reason for my burns is simply too silly/embarrassing to share.  Don't worry too much, they are quite minor.

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  1. You should try adding tofu into the mix to give it a stronger consistency.