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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Subtle? Saturday

As our country (and Oprah) have been going through a vegan craze, Matthew and I have often walked down the baking aisle, passing the flax seed, as I wonder "what would it taste like if I took out the egg and threw in some flax?"

Yesterday, while Matthew was busy playing "Minute to Win It" games with middle school confirmation students, I was bored.  So I decided to conduct a little experiment.  Make a vegan baked good, don't tell Matthew it's vegan, and then see if he can tell.

Seemed simple enough.

Because this whole "flax egg" thing is new to me, I decided not to experiment with my own recipe, and found one from Oh She Glows.  Check it out.

First I needed to venture down to the corner store for some flax.

For those of you not familiar with vegan baking (like me), when you mix ground flax seed with water and let it sit, you get a gel-like egg substitute.

I then prepared two apples (quite familiar to me) two different ways.

The apples went into a pot with some syrup and lemon juice.

In the meantime I busted out a vegan ingredient I actually already had.

Oh, and my "oil substitute"....

Mashed up banana.

I was pretty dubious by this point.

My "oil", milk, and vanilla went in a bowl.

I threw in the apples.

Oh, and for goodness sake don't forget the flax egg.

Here they are ready to head into the oven.

All done!

Results of my super scientific experiment:

Matthew: "Is this one of your vegan things?"

Me: "Maybe, can you tell?"

Matthew: "Yes!"

Experiment: fail.

They tasted ok, but more like the banana "oil" than the apple for sure.  Now, to figure out what to do with all this flax before it goes bad.

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