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Friday, October 15, 2010

Thai Thursday

I have never had curry.  CORRECTION: I had never had curry.  (That is a bad sentence).  Ok, ok, so I'm not a guest blogger, but last night's dinner was brought to you/me by a guest cook.  Due to the growing popularity of my hilarious blog, Matthew felt quite a bit of pressure about writing it.  So I just HAD to do it for him.

Can I just say that yesterday was crazy?  It began at 5 am, and involved 1 drive to North Branch, 1 drive from North Branch to Minnetonka, and 1 drive from Minnetonka to St. Paul.  But, it was quite lovely to come home to a husband making dinner.

Because Matthew has actually been to Thailand, he has some knowledge of curry.  I'm pretty sure he used these ingredients:

Coconut Milk
Curry Paste
Green Pepper
Jasmine Rice

Now, now who am I to critique a guest cook's dish?  "Yeah, what about your peach meatloaf?" Screamed the blog-readers.  All I will say is that Matthew attempted to make it very mild (Norwegian Lutheran tastebuds...remember?).  But, apparently his wild and crazy California tastebuds are wearing off on me and it could have been more spicy and less milky for my taste.  Regardless it was delicious, and it gave us some left over garlic, which I will use this weekend in a super secret menu.  Insert devious laugh here, I'm not actually going to type it.

This evening's blog will be brought to you by a field trip.  You've been warned.

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