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Friday, October 15, 2010

Field Trip Friday

Ok class, raise your hand if you had friday night "pizza night" growing up!  Wow, that many huh? too!  When I was younger I always thought that my parents just did it because it was fun for us kids.  It didn't occur to me (until right about now), that possibly it was because pizza was a little bit easier than planning a meal at the end of the week.  Never fear beloved parents, I still whole-heartedly appreciate pizza night.

Alright Hannah, where is this going?  Field Trip Friday was brought on by two factors.  A) end of the mid-trimester at my middle school  B) a coupon.   As a married woman, I have a new-found love for coupons.  Something about them makes me feel so much more adult, and well, married.  I am still rambling.  Anyway, upon Matthew's entrance to Luther we received a Blue Sky Guide coupon book, which is basically a really awesome coupon book for all things local and eco-friendly.  This evening's coupon took us to Galactic Pizza, with our friend Logan.  Galactic Pizza donates 5% of their profits to charity, uses local, sustainable, organic ingredients, and has vegan and vegetarian options.  You should read more about it on their website.

Logan was trying to find parking, so we decided to order a half/half pizza, to please everyone.  We ordered half Hawaiian and Half Thai pizza.  Sounds boring right?  WRONG!  The Hawaiian was made with a sun-dried tomato pesto sauce! AWESOME!  Here is what it looked like before we devoured it.

Oh, and sticking with the "local" theme.  Matthew took it upon himself to order a pitcher of Premium Grain Belt beer.  Brewed in New Ulm, Minnesota.

WARNING (because I feel I must warn you that I am going to continue to blog):  tomorrow's menu is quite ambitious.  It promises to be highly interesting and appetizing, or incredibly boring and what my 7th graders might call an "epic fail".  Stay tuned.


  1. Yummy! I would have enjoyed the Thai side. Love your blog Hannah.

  2. Wish I could have been there! It looks delicious!!!!

  3. The Thai side was good too, I had a bite! Geneva, you should have been there :( Sad day! We missed you1