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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Special Edition Sunday: Date Night

Matthew (the jelly bean hoarder) was away all weekend retreating/doing his job.  So, we planned a special date night Sunday because April is the month of never seeing each other.
Back in September, when it was 65 degrees and sunny one morning (ahhh, remember that?), we brunched at Barbette, and loved it.  We decided to head back for dinner Sunday night.

We started out with some truffled brie to nibble on devour.
I couldn’t say no.

It was as good as it sounds.

I ordered a tasting of seasonal roasted vegetables, which also included brussel sprouts, but I inhaled them before Matthew you could take a picture.

I like brussel sprouts.

The creamed corn, was a little too salty, but other than that I loved these vegetables.  Except for the onion…ewww onion.

Matthew, who is eating meat these days, ordered Steak Frite.

It was good, I had a bite of everything on the plate. Shhh…don’t tell!

We were far too stuffed for dessert at Barbette, but instead went for a little walk, and then headed over to Izzy’s Ice Cream, for dessert.

No pictures, just goodness. If you live in a 60 mile radius and haven’t been to Izzy’s, go.  Right now. 10 AM ice cream is the best.

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